The Government of Curaçao has shown commitment to achieve its vision of sustainable and shared prosperity. Upon request of the Government, a UN mission to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs was carried out in June 2018 in the country. The UN team consisted of representatives from UNDP, ILO, UNICEF, UNFPA and ECLAC, and during the mission it met with multiple stakeholders from Government, Parliament, Supreme Court of Audit, national consultative organs, private sector, academia, labour unions, civil society and youth groups, as well as representatives from the Dutch Government.

A scenic view of the Curaçao bridge. Photo | The Government of Curaçao/ Curaçao National Commission on the SDGs

  1. UN in Action 1: UNOPS provided assistance to the Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning, Curacao for resilient infrastructure development planning.  Based on collaborative work with the government led by Oxford University, ITRC-Mistral and UNOPS, a partnership has formed which enables support and guidance to allow long-term planning on national infrastructure.

  2. UN in Action 2: Since December 2018, IOM is active on Curaçao in the context of the Response for Venezuela (R4V) program. In this regard IOM is taking humanitarian action on Curaçao in close engagement of civil society, aiming to improve the livelihood and well-being of displaced Venezuelan migrants. Activities are currently ongoing to strengthen (institutional) capacity in areas counter-trafficking.

  3. UN in Action 3: Together with its partner Fundashon Salu pa Tur, UNHCR provides access to primary healthcare, including sexual and reproductive health care, for undocumented refugees and migrants on the island, including medical supplies and materials. Working with Human Rights Defense Curaçao, UNHCR provides access to legal assistance and counselling.